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Nowadays ,outsourcing has become one of the most reliable alternatives for foreign firms to delegate their tasks to other nations in order to meet their goals of fulfilling their tasks in the field of either IT, generating software’s, or passing their companies information to customers. It is an act of providing the services in the cheapest way by means of assigning their work to countries which are economically low and hence have lower costs. But as for outsourcing, it also generates some pros and cons, specifically, outsourcing to India.


The very first benefit as they see is how much money they can save by outsourcing. India tends to provide its services in possibly one of the cheapest costs in the world. They are more knowledgeable in the fields of networking, IT and overall in the field of computers as compared to other counties. However, they are paid much less than the employees in Western countries which can make their work done in much discount whereas India can make its mark globally and economically around the world. Many workers are much more knowledgeable that their western counter-parts in mathematics, science and technology, as it helps in doing the work much effectively. Also, this helps in building the bridge in communication between the two countries in order to achieve the same purpose.. Also, foreign countries can get much more opinions and suggestions from their outsourcing team. Getting access to better technologies at the cheaper cost means that productivity increases.


However, the disadvantages of outsourcing to nations like India also should be put into consideration where the risk involves getting proof whether the company will stick with the work outsourced to them, and whether they perform their task effectively till the end of the project.


Communication barriers can also play their part in creating misunderstandings of the task. Also, cultural barriers need to be put into consideration before outsourcing work to countries with different cultures. Although, outsourcing to the country like India can be seen as a win/win situation but these misunderstanding can rift in the working relation .also, time difference plays a vital role in the miscommunication and this can lead to the work to be perform in an ineffective way. It is also much more necessary to check out the company to whom you’re outsourcing data and to see whether the company is motivated and capable in performing the task.


Usually, the business is spread in an international basis and a large number of information is communicated between the two companies situated far away though networking, so the possibility occurs where an unauthorized person can gain access to the computer and the basic information can be stolen and also chances of the data to be copied and can be sale out to your competitors.


Hackers who are much more knowledgeable in getting and knowing how to enter the basic data and gaining the companies information, can possibly make your company a victim and your information through networking can possibly be mishandled and can be hacked , These basics disadvantages can put you down from outsourcing to India ,where they can also seen as a barriers in achieving the tasks , and company have to think twice before outsourcing to India.


However ,outsourcing to the nation like India have their pros and cons and usually can be seen as a positive step , but some Basics tips should also be considered for a safety measures . Before the work to be outsource, your company should have a vast research for the appropriate company which can perform the task in the appropriate way and to see whether the company is reliable in performing their task.. India is a great place to find incredibly reasonable programmers and web services provider. Where as, dealing people in India, you have to be polite and just not avoid small talks to find whether they are up to their mark. You have to be firm without being rude until u get your entire question to be answered. Be clear about your project and explain what you need from them.


Usually most of the companies wants the foreign firms to do everything with them, so to be on the save side don’t do everything with one company and should have a necessary backup plans , don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. People in India are far more eager to work in many cases who go through many of the struggles and triumphs that’s why foreign countries find India as a better option to outsource the work.




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