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Employee Well-Being As the Conduit for Company Success

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As most employees know, it’s easier to come to work and work hard when you enjoy being there. Seems pretty intuitive, right? Employee Well-being…. There is a mass of research on exactly the subject of employee happiness and employee well-being in the workplace. There is even more study on how a company will succeed more with employee happiness. From this research, we have been able to glean a few key things about employee happiness. With the incredible effects on the workplace, productivity, creativity, analytical abilities, and more. The approach that employers take when it comes to their employee well-being makes an enormous difference. Because they are leaders, employers have the power and responsibility to uphold effective self-care, and encourage employees to engage in their own intentional employee well-being improvement.

Why seek to improve well-being?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of having happy employees, and creating an environment of employee well-being. This includes emotional, physical, and mental health. These are part of a holistic system of health and happiness.

As the conduit for the following benefits:

  1. Efficiency

Employees who are more satisfied and have promoted employee well-being at work are more likely to complete tasks efficiently, set goals, and streamline their work. Boosts in creativity, productivity, and service quality have been linked to employees with higher work satisfaction. When employees are efficient and happy, your business is more likely to prosper and expand.

  1. Productivity

A massive amount of research supports the fact that employees are more productive in satisfactory work environments. Productivity in standardized tasks has been shown to significantly increase when employers provide small reprieves, treats, or enjoyable things. A study through the University of Warwick found that employees were a full 20% more productive when provided with small reprieves or treats during their work day. As well as higher productivity level when the positive exchanges throughout the day outnumbered negative exchanges 3:1.

  1. Creativity

Innovation and creativity have quickly become necessities in most work environments. Considering that the world and technology have been changing at an extraordinary rate, and humans have to work to keep up. By being happier in the workplace, employees are able to be more creative in their tasks through increased mental flexibility. Markets are increasingly competitive, so having the ability to aid in creativity for your team is important now more than ever before.

  1. More Cost Effective

Happy employees are healthier than unhappy employees, which significantly cuts down on costs for employers since healthy employees are less likely to take sick leave and miss days of work. Healthy, happy employees are also more likely to remain at a job for longer. Which keeps retention up, lowers the cost for training of new employees. This also ensures than employees who are effective in their positions will actually stay in them.

  1. Better service

When an employee is happy to be at work, they are a more effective member of your team. They provide better service to your customers and make your business more profitable. For sales and negotiation-based businesses, this is particularly important, because you happy employee will be more likely to “seal the deal” as it were. If an employee believes in what they do and are engaged with the business, they will certainly be able to provide more effective and enthusiastic service.

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Great, so what can I do?

Helping employees to increase happiness and employee well-being has significant benefits for your business. Which is great! How can you help improve this for your employees?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to alter your work environment. Altering will reflect opportunities for employees to be happy and healthy.

  1. Consistency

If you want to create an environment of employee well-being for your employees, being consistent with your choices is vitally important. If you try to enact employee well-being improvement measures and let them falter and fade away. Then it shows your employees that you are not willing to make employee well-being a priority in the workplace. You will have to make the choice to how important employee well-being is in the work place. That will make it clear to your employees that they (and their health) are important to you. This should be the case at all levels. Meaning that all owner and managers will need to participate in the initiatives if you want your employees to follow suit.

  1. Awareness

Employees can’t begin to engage in employee well-being improvement if they know nothing about it! If you’re reading this right now, it’s an indication that you want to help improve your employee well-being. Hopefully in part just because you care, but if not that, all the above reasons are good motivating factors! So you’re doing your research. We suggest that you read about a few different options for improvement, and get suggestions from your employees about what they would like to see. Asking for and actually using suggestions from employees is actually a employee well-being booster in itself, because it shows your employees that their input is valued and that you respect their opinions.

  1. Give feedback and celebrate accomplishments

Employees feel that they do not get enough feedback about their performance. It is one of the most common frustrations they have. Make it an point to recognize accomplishments. This will make your employees will feel valued, and have an active incentive to go above and beyond. Don’t let your employees guess whether they’re meeting expectations or not. Make sure you are allowing space for employees to ask questions. As well as keeping up with performance reviews at reasonable intervals.

  1. It’s about more than just work

If your team is anything like the average American, chances are that some of them are struggling with something. Whether the challenges are physical health, mental health, or difficult circumstances in their lives. Please keep in mind that your team exists outside of work. Being sensitive, aware, and making it clear in your workplace can allow your team to feel safe, heard, and comfortable. By incorporating employee well-being practices in your daily workplace culture, you can address potential problems and allow employees the freedom and space to talk about them.

  1. Make it fun!

The whole purpose of improving employee well-being is to help employees live a more balanced and healthy life. That includes mental, emotional, and physical health. In order to help employees progress, keeping them engaged is extremely important. If your initiatives are stuffy corporate nonsense, nobody is going to care enough to implement the ideas. Do you really want get your team to engage? Personalize your decisions based on the needs of your company’s culture and the people on your team. They’ll notice the difference in change.  They will also appreciate the care and interest in their employee well-being so much more.

Employee well-being, XCORE.BE, Company success, business growth,  double your sale, business success,

We hope this post will help you flourish your employees in order to help your workplace grow! We know so much about the effects of employee well-being on the potential. Like increase in productivity, retention, and positive change in the workplace. Utilizing the suggestions given by us and others on the subject is to your advantage. If your employee well-being is at the forefront of your mind, you will quickly see positive changes. As long as you are consistent, aware, considerate, and make choices to benefit yourself and your team. You can continue to grow as a leader and as a model for your employees.

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