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March 20, 2018by XCORE.BE3

How to Spot a Fake ReviewXCORE.BE, Business growth, Review me now, Avoid fake reviews, faux reviews


Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to build a business is word of mouth is reviews. In the past few years, there have been more and more options to see reviews on a company, a restaurant, or a product. As verses before it was either what a friend said or a hit or miss on trying something out. As our world goes more and more into using websites, online, social media and even apps. Everyone relies on giving and getting reviews from there. The word of mouth has been stronger than ever before. This is how to spot a fake reviews.

Faux Review Me NOW!

For a while there, we were able to read reviews and trust that what was being said is how the people felt. However, as society grows more online the options for creating fake reviews has grown exponentially.

Anyone can now pay individuals to write a fake review for their company or brand, which skews the authenticity of the product or service, and makes it harder to verify that you will get high-quality goods and services.

Companies sometimes use fake reviews or paid reviews to help boost their ratings and chances to get more business. Thinking that using the fake reviews work and boost their business. Business owners also believe that consumers do not know how to spot a fake reviews. Fake reviews may work, if done right.

XCORE.BE, Review me now, Avoid fake reviews, faux reviews

Avoid the Faux

Here are some helpful hints that should discern fake reviews from real and honest reviews on the websites you visit. Hopefully to cut down on the unfortunate purchases that so many people make based on inaccurate and false reviews. Take a look!

Tip 1

If the review is very short, it might indicate that it is a paid-for review. Many paid reviewers are only paid a few dollars per review, so they rarely spend very long on each review. You can tell a genuine review if there was time spent on writing it. Many short, fake reviews are vague in nature and don’t address much related to the product or service.

Tip 2

The reviewer uses smaller words. When people are lying, we use smaller words because we’re focused on the fabrication of the lie. It takes more mental energy to lie than to tell the truth which cause fake reviews to be shorter.

Tip 3

Reviews that provide little to no detail about the actual product or service are often paid-for reviews. For travel reviews will include very little information about the actual physical space of the travel destination. Instead will focus on their family or friends, or the reason for their trip.

Tip 4

If there are several reviews posted in quick succession, it is an indication that the reviews were paid for. Especially if they are all short, vague, and posted within a few hours or days of each other. Sometimes all may mention the same features or information about the product or service.

Tip 5

Reviews with little to no information about the reviewer are often fake. Sometimes you can spot a fake Users who have only posted a few reviews. Or have no profile information/ that may not connected to other social media are more likely to be fakes.

Tip 6

The opinions of the reviewer are all-or-nothing. If the content of the review is very extreme (five stars or one star) it is potentially fake.  If the review has radical/unfounded opinions, it may be potentially a fake.

Hopefully you will be able to discern the real reviews from the fake reviews. Good luck finding what you need, and as always, consult XCORE for all your business needs!

XCORE.BE, Review me now, Avoid fake reviews, faux reviews,
Is this review fake or real?

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  • Christy Linnon

    August 23, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    Love this! This is really helpful.. sometimes a review on a product look so real. i cant really tell the difference. I agree word of mouth used to be so strong and now it just seems likes is a 50/50 chance.


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