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Organizing Your Desk to Organize Your Mind



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Do you ever feel like you can’t complete tasks efficiently because of the space you work in? If your space is disorganized it will not inspire you. It can be really difficult to be passionate about the work you do. Especially if you stay in the same place each day and see the same mess. Here’s the good thing: you can change it! By Organizing! Simply moving a few things around and adding your own personal flair. You can really effectively improve your work space and allow it to inspire you like it should!

  1. If you work primarily at a desk, make sure your drawers and cabinets are organized.

This is particularly important if you have files, portfolios, or other important documents to keep track of. Alphabetize, color-code, or organize your documents the way you want to. Be sure to keep them neat and easy to find for those hectic days. Keeping your files organized will allow you to easily keep track. It will lower your stress, and suddenly open up space on your desk where all of those papers were previously living!


  1. Get rid of useless clutter. 

You don’t need to keep the twelve bobble-heads you’ve been given on your desk. Or the little nick-nacks. Anything that takes up space but has no purpose should be given a loving farewell. This will clear up space and flow in the working area. This is particularly important for folks with small spaces, because your desk houses fewer things at once, and can’t handle being efficient AND covered in junk, too! Take some of that stuff home. If you work from home then move some things so you can dedicate that space to work.


  1. Make your work space ONLY your work space. 

Just like beds should only be for sleeping and there is a ton of research on it. Your desk or workspace should only be for doing work. If you can separate your work from other activities like eating, talking with friends, playing games, or sleeping. Then you can work more efficiently and feel more productive. Pay your work the respect it deserves and give it its own exclusive place.


Organizing, Think Start Build, Christina Manalastas, business growth, building business

  1. Keep trash or unnecessary papers/items off of your space. 

Get a cute trash can or shredder to encourage yourself to cut down on the unneeded things like trash, and quickly address papers and such to keep your desk clear. Along with that… The trash on the desk or the floor will cause more stress and problems. You may even accidentally throw away the needed papers.


  1. Decide on your preferred way to organize the top of your desk. 

Now that you’ve clear clutter, trash, and junk from your desk or work space. You can choose some desktop organization method that makes sense to you. Choose some that is easy to use, very proficient. This will make your life easier. It will also make filing and organizing items less of a pain. This could be a hanging file, letter trays (stacking ones cut down on space, and they’re really cute!), or another desk accessory.


  1. Separate your space into types of work.

If you work primarily on the computer, separate your space into computer work and non-computer work. This will help you keep track of what you need for each type and cut down on the infamous spreading of documents that seems to happen when things aren’t organized.


  1. Store supplies in drawers, not on top of your desk. 

This one might seem counter-intuitive. “What if I need my stapler and don’t want to go to the extra effort?”. “What if my pen-holder is really cute?”. “But my tape dispenser matches my chair!”. Regardless of all that, do your best to place office supplies and other items out of sight, to allow you to focus on your work. You should certainly keep needed items nearby, but it isn’t necessary to cover your desk in office supplies.

  1. Organizing, Think Start Build, Christina Manalastas, business growth, building businessImprove your lighting situation. 

Nobody likes to work in a dark, uninviting space. Find a lamp or overhead lighting that allows you to see clearly and doesn’t stress you out. For folks who do a lot of design work or graphics. Altering your lighting could give you an extra inspirational kick. If you work from home, having a well-lit work space can dampen the distraction factor. Which may also help you wake up a little more when you get to work for the day.


  1. Lastly, give it some personal flair (but not too much)! 

Include a few personal items, like photos or something that inspires you. Maybe a gift from a friend or your child. Just don’t go overboard! We just removed the clutter. Too many personal items can be distracting and pull your attention away from your work. Work-from-home folks should especially be careful about overdoing personal items. Considering that the whole space outside of your desk or work zone is personal to you.

If you need help with this, Contact XCORE. We can help!

Happy organizing from XCORE!


Organizing, Think Start Build, Christina Manalastas, business growth, building business

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