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February 3, 2018by XCORE.BE0

While I was reading about SemRush and how to use it, before I ever even started with SemRush. I was overwhelmed by all the blogs and all the information. Mostly the reasoning behind it is that there is so much SemRush can do and I wasn’t sure where to start. So, when I wanted to write this blog about SemRush,. I felt extremely lost and honestly I was. I couldn’t find any information that I was looking for. While there is so much information out there about SemRush and what it is. Not information on why SemRush is needed. It’s truly great how much information there was out there. However, it wasn’t the information that I needed and I couldn’t pinpoint the correct information and I just wasn’t sure what it really was that I was looking for.. or what it was that I needed or what that even was.

All I know was that, I wanted to know what is SemRush and how it would help you and me become more successful in our business’. I wanted to read more, write more, and tell you more. Even better to put all the information into one spot and into something that is more understanding. After a point, I started to realize that I was looking for an answer that flat out said “this is what SemRush is” and “This is why you need SemRush”. The More I read, the more I realized that all blogs were stating the information I needed.

So let’s get started with the basics. What is SemRush?  Why would it be important for any business, new or old, to use?

When Starting out with  business it can be very intimidating. There is so much that you need and want for your business. So much that is needed to put into your business. So many hats that you, as a business owner, need to wear. When all you want is your goals to be met, your business success, and the feeling of successfulness. Which also entails not failing and, of course, an all around smooth path in the right direction.  

Which is why you are on my blog “XCORE.BE” and why my blog “
XCORE.BE” will really help you. It will give you the correct direction for every step of the way for your new venture. My blog will also give you the right tools you need to be successful, like SemRush an extremely big tool that is needed to remove a lot of hats for your online marketing.

SemRush is a simple all in one tool. As you know, marketing and advertising is a huge part of your business Add that your long list of business to ddo’s, This should be near the top of your list because it is a part of growth and success. However, do not stress out. Everything will be ok. With “”XCORE.BE” and SemRush by your side. We will help get everything covered.

With Marketing and advertising, and wanting to beat your competition; there is a lot of steps and tasks that need to be covered. Thankfully with SemRush they have made it very easy for us. With an all in one tool, you can successfully market and advertise your business. Their website is easy to manage and they make it that way for us users who do not know how, who are not techy enough, or just plain to busy to mess with it all. For me, I did not know what I was doing and when I was starting out. I could not afford to pay someone else to manage it for me.

With SemRush, you are one step closer to success without pulling all your hair out.

So we know we need SemRush for success and for becoming a marketing guru for your business. But what is SemRush really? There is a ton of blogs out there that mostly state that SemRush is a tool for SEO and marketing. But SemRush is more than just that. What SemRush is, is an all in one tool for your business needs, mostly for marketing.

SemRush gives you 1000’s of SEO words, and the how to’s for all your SEO needs. SemRush also gives your great benefits like competition comparison, position tracking, website analytics, what to fix on your website, advertising research, crawl audits, site performance, and many many more.

What does this really me to you? Bring in more business, then bring in more money. Success.  SemRush helps you fight against your competition, a number one business advantage that most people do not know about. Nor take advantage. You will always be one step ahead. Another major tool that I love about SemRush, is when I don’t have time to look into my website then SemRush was there. SemRush will help you with keep your website top notch shape, your online business card is very important to keep professional looking.

When the founders, Oleg and Dmitry, started SemRush in 2006/2007 it was to and SEO tool for you website. Eventually, grew into a true online software service model. The two founders wanted to make something that could truly capture market trends. When they started, they talked with a friends and a few local business about what they have created. Which then spread like fire from the best marketing, word of mouth. Now they are across countries.

Even Though SemRush started with one benefit, it has gradually grown into so many other business benefits that will help make your business successful. Which is what all of us business owners want.  Some Blogs mention as low 1 major benefit and other blogs mention as high as 100 benefits. As I mentions here, my major benefit is the all in one tool and everything that SemRush has to offer. Which for me, removes a lot of hats and job duties that I was surely getting overwhelmed about.

Read more benefits on my blog here “_______”,  where I break down what they are so you can start to take advantage of of them.

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