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What is Your Why?

Think start build, what is your why, find your passion, Christina Manalastas

It is time to find your passion!

How do you feel right now? Unsure, uneasy, in world of hurt, lost, and confused? It is because you do not have direction. Know your why! What is your why? Chances are that you have been putting this off for so long, probably ever since you were a child. Just skating every day by with what you can, and you are getting sick of it. Aren’t you? You probably have been wondering what is your purpose, if you have a purpose, what were you going to be when you grew up, maybe even what are you meant to do? Are you also wondering if you can even ever be happy? Does that exist for you? To answer your question, yes it does. You deserve to be happy as much as the next person. No matter what you have been through. It is time for change and it’s the time is now. What is your why? Let’s go find it.

First off 

I want you to realize that you made perfect the way you are. You are an amazing person, and you have a purpose here. Even if some days it does not feel like it. Everything about you is different from everyone else; your skills, thoughts, looks, ideas; you are different! Even though there may be some people who have some similarities to you, but they are not the slightest same.

What is your why?

Think start build, what is your why, find your passion, Christina Manalastas

Life Purpose 

Think start build, what is your why, find your passion, Christina Manalastas
There are many reasons why you may want to know your purpose for our life. You will find it, don’t you worry. Some believe that once we find our purpose we tend to use it to help others and try to make the world a much happier place. Whether it is only your world, someone else’s, or bits and pieces of everyone’s world. They say that after you find your passion the majority of people use their passion/purpose for a reason. That by using your purpose to help the world you will feel happier and have more fulfillment than you expected. You will feel that you are doing something that matters, no only to you but to others. Having a purpose will fill that emptiness that you may feel right now and that using it for a purpose will be your true calling. What is your why?

Change in health

Now others say that not knowing your purpose will cause you to have health problems, reason being is that you are so unhappy, and the negative emotions leads to depression and other problems. The more you carry on without your purpose the more your health will get worse. Some try to fix this with eating healthier, good exercise, or a combination of both. Which it can help, however, you may not be fully successful and accomplish the health goals that you want. A lot of research shows that having a purpose can help you become more successful with every aspect in your life, including your health. You will be fulfilling and happy, you will also have a goal in mind and a reason to push. Having your purpose will change your mindset, it will change your life. It will help you live longer, fuller and happier. It will help you fight set backs and to remember why you want to be more successful. In turn of all this, it will give you a reason to forgive, move forward, and have an all around happier life.

Life truly worth living

Having your why is your value or what makes your life truly worth living. It is a reason to get up in the morning. It is your reason to move forward, to continue to push and to push harder when your stuck. Soon you will start to live by this purpose and it will become your nature.

Where do we find it?

Many say we are not born with having our why or sense of purpose. That is something we must create and grow into. Something that we make, cultivate and use. Others say we are born with our purpose that we just must find it with in us. Throughout our lives we see hints and have times where we live by this why. But we are so blind from it that we do not realize. We have reasons for everything that is in or out of lives, it is just understanding it all. Regardless, we have a higher purpose and is our life missions to find out what that is. It is something that we all need and we all must find our own purpose. So that we can get our fulfilled happiest and healthiest life. What is your why?

Think start build, what is your why, find your passion, Christina ManalastasSo, let’s go!

Let’s find your why, your purpose, your souls calling, or your passion even. Remember that having your why will transform you and your life. You may lose people along the way and you will have people upset with you. This is ok, it means you are growing and changing. People have a hard time with accepting this, unless they too want to change and grow. You will become a different person. This will transform your thoughts even, maybe enlighten them. Do let this bother you and remember you are going in your path. Be sure to take your time with this packet. Step away and breathe. The answers will not come to you right away. Dig deep with in you. For most of us finding our why takes days to years before they even find a remote close to their why.

Answer each question with as much detail as you can. Revise as much as you feel necessary and at the end bring your answers together create your statement.

Happy “WHY” hunting!

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