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July 26, 2017by XCORE.BE1

What’s Your Pitch?

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Is your business ready to talk to the world?

Can you talk about your business in a short, to the point, but yet sweet conversation? If not, use what is called a business pitch. Which is a short, to the point but intriguing set of words that will help you talk to the world about your business. A business pitch is a critical business tool that will help you get to know more about your business and help build it. The business pitch will help you tell others about your business, what you do, and what you can offer. Along with using it as the quickest and simplest way to let people know more about your business in a short and a sweet sentence. It is the best way to introduce you and your business to others. And to give them relevant ideas of what your business can offer to their business or people.

I have made this worksheet that you can use the questions and instructions to help you create your business pitch. It has helped me and many other business owners tremendously.

What’s The Benefit?

There are so many benefits of having a business pitch. Not only does having one and making one help you as a business owner to get to know who, when and where for your business. But it will help you know your why and your what for your business growth. A pitch is the quickest way to verbally give your potential client exactly what you can do for them and the quickest way to sell your clients on your business services. This is an easy way to tell them your story, who you are, and who your business is. The best way to impress them with all of your experiences, skills, capabilities, experiences, and achievements. It will also allow you to show confidence and passion in yourself and your business because you will have no “umms” or “butts” in your pitch and you will be full of excitement. A lot of pitches show your value, your uniqueness, and why they should do business with you. Your pitch should be peak a lot of interest for your potential clients.

What's your Business Pitch, Think Start Build, christina manalastasEnd Goal

At the very end of making your pitch you should have your why and your end goal for your business. Having your why and your end goal will be the most intriguing and most attractive tool about you and your business. In that, will allow you to become more successful.


Business pitches will help you engage with people. The pitch will also spark interest and allow potential clients to ask all the questions that will allow more success from your services. Eventually leading into a meeting and a potential client. So be sure to leave room for questions, comments and concerns that may arise after you have stated your pitch. I know you will be full of excitement and you will have so much joy for having your pitch done. You will have even more excitement when the person you are talking to is responding positively. Allow them to ask questions and talk to you.

Pass the Hurdle

The hardest part about making a pitch is that it is only allotted 20 to 30 seconds. Any more than that will be to much. So, after using these worksheets to make your business pitch. I suggest that you practice it out loud with yourself several times over and over. This will allow you to feel comfortable saying it out loud but will also give you an opportunity to hear the errors. And then may critique your pitch.


Once you are comfortable with saying it out load go in front of others and say it out loud. Give them an opportunity to help you critique your pitch as well. One of the best advice I was given was to go to a network event and say your pitch to those who will listen. Be sure to then ask for recommendations or edits. All of the people at network events have been through this same situation where you are now. Re-use these sheets over and over to help you make a perfect pitch that you want. You will most likely have several pitches made before you choose a final one that will work best for you and your business. Just know that is ok and perfectly normal.

I wish you all of luck; and contact me if you have any questions. Even if it is the smallest question, concern or comment. I am here for you and your success.

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